Martin Hertig

Popolo AC

Popolo AC was born from a personal need of an alarm clock in order to be able to ban the smartphone from the bedroom. There is a broad palette of alarm clocks on the market, but we didn‘t find any that satisfied us in terms of alarm sound, pleasant interaction and sustainable production. Our proposition is an alarm clock with a calm aura. Its mechanical alarm sound comes from a Tibetan singing bowl. By only showing the hour hand, the clock invites to reconsider a tightly clocked day.

Our goal with this product, is to ban the smartphone from the bedroom. Studies show that the mere presence of this object is a cause of stress. We want to offer an alternative to the smartphone alarm clock that offers a better sound and easier handling than all alarm clocks we have found on the market. We want to create an alarm clock that makes waking up comfortable and calm. Through its discrete nature, the alarm clock should also serve as a source of inspiration for a mindful everyday life.

A work in progress; together with Jérome Rütsche, Felix Spuhler and Benjamin Scheurer under the moniker

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