Martin Hertig

Zippy, 2015

A Guitar Bag Guitar.

On the quest for new tangible interfaces I experimented with Zippers. The result is Zippy, a guitar bag transformed to a simple, but functional guitar. By pulling the zippers you can play it. One Zip is for playing notes or chords, one for changing the bar and one for the vibrato.

The zippers of the bag were transformed to MIDI-Controllers using an Arduino and conductive thread stitched along the zipper. The guitar-sounds are produced by a Raspberry Pi Synthesizer inside the bag. For more technical details check out the project on github.

Mentors: Alain Bellet, Christophe Guignard, Cyril Diagne, Gaël Hugo
Models: Pablo Perez, Victor Ferier
Guitar Bag: Yeahman’s Vintage and used Guitars

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